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Do You Suffer From EAD: E-mail Anxiety Disorder?

by | Nov 8, 2018 | Streamline Processes | 12 comments

Do you feel your heart rate rise every time you open your e-mail? Feel the anxiety build over countless hours cleaning your inbox? or have you given up all together and now just find yourself in a sea of thousands of e-mails, only to be met with anxiety and fear every time you think of the word “e-mail”…

If so then you may be suffering from EAD (E-mail Anxiety Disorder)

E-mail Anxiety Disorder is often met with feelings of worry, anxiety, or fear due to your e-mail, that are strong enough to interfere with one’s daily activities. It is a serious issue that 98.97% business owners suffer from and its time we put an end to it!

In order to do that we need to go back to where the problem started…

Believe it or not, “You Got Mail” (robotic AOL voice)… used to be met with joy and happiness. People got excited about e-mail once upon a time…

It was a revolutionary communications tool that complete transformed the way we do business and send data…

Over time people became hooked to the e-mail…

Before we knew it we were flooded in e-mails and notifications… Clients, support, marketers, spam, billing, family, cat memes…

We took it to far and it just became to much for some to handle…

The truth is, if you are going in your e-mail daily or at any time to clear out spam, respond to clients, handle various issues with billing or just random things that pop up…

You have a problem… You are using e-mail WRONG!

That’s right… You are putting yourself in a corner and sucking the time from your life, turning a highly effective tool into a endless feed of chaos…

I don’t know why no one before has really talked about this… E-mail is one of the things that I find EVERYONE in business deals with, and most of the time feels they waste a lost of time on.

So if your ready to stop throwing away your time in your e-mail and end your EAD for good then pay attention because your struggle ends here…

Also don’t forget, others out there are suffering from EAD and its up to you to spread awareness. SO share this post now and together we can end EAD for once and for all!


So now that we are aware of the problem, lets talk about the solution…

Like I said before, e-mail is a communication tool. It is great for sending and receiving data, BUT, what e-mail is not good for, is task management…

If you open up your e-mail, respond to clients, pay bills, remove spam and process everything to clear your inbox then you are just doing a bunch of random tasks. If you are completely ignoring your e-mail and letting it pile up then you just really aren’t using it at all lol

With your current process, you absolutely ensure that you will ALWAYS find yourself going threw endless emails, because you treat your e-mail as a task list and not a organization tool. If someone sends you an e-mail, you need to take an action, and you take that action when processing your inbox, so, your e-mail is a task list that is never ending…

So what do we do? Well, if every e-mail is a task and our inbox is essentially a task list, that means the goal is to not receive any e-mails in our inbox. So this is going to be our focus when we are “working on e-mail”…

First, now that we understand that every e-mail is a task, now we need to understand that every task fits into a certain part of your business…

  • Sales – People looking for products or services
  • Partnerships – People looking for potential partnerships or to network
  • Customer Support – Client questions, inquires
  • Financial – Accounts receivable or accounts payable
  • Technical Support – Coding, technical, maintenance related items
  • Junk Mail – Mail that is interesting or may want to save but don’t need
  • Spam – Garbage mail that is just marketing
  • And so on…

You may come across more categories but what is important to know is which ones are high priority and which ones are not…

Sales, customer support and technical support will pretty much need to be addressed daily. Something like financial may only need to be checked bi-weekly or once a month, partnerships and spam could be checked monthly or never…

So now that we have a basic categorization method and and understanding of when things need to be done, we can start to process our e-mail properly. I would do it once a week. Monday is usually the best day as its a strong start to the week…

Most e-mail providers have a folder and filter system but for this example we will be using g-mail.

So lets pretend its Monday and I open my G-mail to process some e-mails. I’m going to use a old g-mail I have with about 8,000 e-mails as an example, so you may relate to this…

One the left side you can see we have some client folders and some other folder categories I had previously created. You can make and edit folders in the settings but you can also do it while processing your e-mails in G-mail. If you look at the first 3 e-mails, these are spam essentially. If you want to mark it as spam you just click the little stop sign exclamation point but lets pretend like we might want these for later because its interesting stuff and we are going to make a “Junk” folder.

First we select the 3 e-mails, we can scroll down too and select any others on the screen that are the same to batch them out in bulk as well. Then click the little folder with the arrow and at the bottom click the “Create New” option…

Here we are going to make a folder called “Junk” and click create. You will notice there is a option to make a nested label. This is great for things you want to group together under a general folder. I used to used this to create separate client folders but I would not recommend doing this as it creates more workload and requires more areas to maintain later. I found its best to have 1 client folder and have all client correspondence go to it for processing later. If you do use a nested folder however, you will have to have the folder created prior to making the nested folder.

Now that we have made the folder and moved the e-mails, jump over to the folder and select the emails you just moved. Click the three little dots in the upper middle and select “Filter messages like these”..

Now we are going to set a filer so that ALL future messages sent to you from these e-mail address will automatically skip your inbox and go directly to the “Junk” folder. Just click create filter and select the folder to add it too checking “skip inbox” and click create.

Now we move onto the next e-mail, looks like a receipt. This is financial but since its a receipt we dont really have to reference it as a task later so we want to move it to a financial folder but not one that we will be referencing for processing financial tasks so we will add it to a folder like before but this time to a folder called “receipts” that is nested under “Financial”. Again, remember to go threw and select the rest that fit into this category to save time.

Now we just need to set up the automatic forwarding. This time we are going to make special filter though to only apply if the subject includes the word “receipts”. This is because lets say you have a hosting company e-mail you that billing lapsed and you need to update a credit card. If it goes directly to your receipts folder than you will miss it so we ONLY want to apply this to “receipts”. If this was a billing issue notification we would set the filter to similar but to go to the financial folder which we will be reviewing and processing once a week or bi-weekly.

As we continue to process our e-mail weekly, we repeat the process until everything has its place and is going to where it needs to, instead of piling up in your inbox. Don’t worry if you don’t do it all at once. If you dedicate an hour a week to this then over a month or two you will be on track.

Also remember that you may not have to do everything yourself. You can hire staff and while processing your e-mail, if you see something that falls under their job description, you can create a folder with their name on it and then set a filter to skip your inbox, move the e-mail to their folder, and then forward the e-mail to their e-mail for them to process.

This means at any time you can check their folder and reference e-mail tasks they should have handled as well.

By processing e-mails this way, you create a time and place for everything and remove all the clutter. Organization becomes natural and all the sudden you can use your e-mail as the effective tool it is, solving the EAD issue once and for all 🙂

Remember, the difference between working on your business and in your business isn’t what your doing, but how you do it…

If you are working in your business, you find a problem, solve a problem. If you are working on your business, you find a problem and solve ti so it can never be a problem again…

And DON’T FORGET, you are not the only one who suffers from E-mail Anxiety Disorder. DO the right thing and share this article now to help spread awareness. Together we can stop this epidemic for good…


So the question is, do you suffer from EAD? Comment below your EAD experience and let us know if this helped… I look forward to hearing from you…

And Finally, Don’t forget to join my private group to discover more inside tips and tricks to automate workflow, streamline your business and start saving more time and money… Join Here!



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